Gaming is in my D.N.A

Please Obey the RULES of GDZ :)
1.NO PIRACY,Pirate Linking of any games will cause Ban
2.Promoting of Pages/Groups/Blogs/Whatsapp group not allowed
3.No Personal, Racial, Ethnic,Gender based insults
4.No spamming
5.Use English as a major language.
6.Unsuitable post [like whore/comment whore] will be removed without informing the post author
7.No Adult Material
8.Make a good debate about games stuff √, not a WAR ✘
9.This is NOT a mobile group.
10. "Guess The Game" posts will be removed without notice
~If you need help we will be glad to help~

✚If you see someone breaking the rules please report the post by clicking the arrow next to it and select "report to admin" or tag admins on post


Chaitanya Chase
Christopher Cannon
Sam Verma
Karthik Execision
Rahul Ramteke
Malik Sajjad
Walter Sylesh
Vincent Mactavish
Deneil Iskandar
Skandh Dev
Jahinur Islam
Ojaswin Singh

Thank you

Group Created On 17th August 2013 By Jahinur Islam