Garage Sale - Bangalore, India



Please feel free to post any of your personal belongings you no longer wish to keep.
One mans crap is another mans treasure, right?

1. The following items are prohibited on this site: Sale of any drug related paraphernalia, Weapon sales (including fake weapons/Airguns etc.), Liquor, Pet sales, Rentals, Property Sales, Promotions, Workshops, Events
2. All posts must include an asking price and location. A picture upload is preferable.
3. If you are selling an item and you're just waiting for the sale to be completed. Please be sure to post *SALE PENDING* That way we know the status and it will prevent "excessive commenting and questions" on your post :)
4. Try not to post more than one post per item. If you make a new post and know you have an old post, please delete it.
5. If posting multiple items that are the same or pictures for a multiple item, please try to make an album instead of posting pictures right after each other jamming up the feedYou may BUMP (bring up my post) once every 24 hours.
4. Please do not repost the same items, but rather bump them.
5. When an item you have posted has sold, please comment as SOLD.
6. If an arrangement has been made to make an exchange and someone does not show up, please report NO-SHOW member to the admins.
7. Lets be nice and civil. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.

Any violation of the group rules will result in being deleted from the group.

1. Searching for your post: At top right of the site page there is a magnifying symbol, click on it and type your name or item in and hit ENTER, at that time all your previous post as well as comments will show up, You simply click on the one you are searching for and hit ENTER. Please DO NOT repost items!!! Use the search bar.
2. When you check your messages, please check "OTHERS" inbox or you will miss important messages.
3. If there is someone who continuously NO SHOWS to pick up items, please email and they will be BANNED

Anything purchased on this site is sold "as is", unless otherwise stated by the person selling the item.
Use the same caution that you would when browsing a garage sale.
Administrators will not handle any complaints that deal with items bought that may be faulty, damaged or do not work.
It is the buyers responsibility to make sure the item works.
Conflicts are not the responsibility of Administrators and every transaction is solely the responsibility of individuals purchasing or selling the items.
Administrators will not be legally responsible for any issues that may arise out of transactions on this forum.