Lancashire ACF: Garstang Detachment

This page is for the use of cadets and parents of army cadet force members of Garstang Detachment. Feel free to comment on any pictures or event ect. Comments will be moderated before being allowed onto the page.

Page rules:

1) Security and safeguarding: any comments breaching security or the safeguarding of cadets or CFAV's will be removed.

2) Do not tag yourself in any pictures as they can be seen outside of the group which breaches security

3) swearing or discriminatory language will not be tolerated

4) cadets: do not add adults as friends on Facebook it will be denied by all admin staff as it is against safeguarding.

4) Detachment rules apply. We may have our full names on here but you WILL adhere to rank to all admin staff.

5) For safeguarding reasons when cadets leave they will be removed from the page. Don't take it personally!