Great American Seed Swap/Trade Project

For those of you who love to grow plants from seed and share swap/trade seeds/plants/bulbs etc for fun, our Facebook free seed swap is the group for you. Please feel free to post the outcome of your plantings here, we love to see updated photos/videos of your gardening or indoor growing experiences. Welcome to the Great American Seed Swap Project - Facebook free seed swap Group!

NOTE: Please do not ask for free seeds on our wall, your post will be deleted. This free seed swap group is for trading. We also have a number of free seeds giveaway!

TO ALL MEMBERS: Please familiarize yourself with our general guidelines found in the "Files" section. No advertising, be kind to others, fulfill your trades etc...
How to create your own seed swap "Doc"

At the top right of our group's wall, click on the "Files" link. You are taken to the Files page. Look on the upper right of the "Files" page and click on the button that looks like a plus (+) sign, then select "Create A Doc"

Some general guidelines:

- Please list the date in the title of your doc (update this date if you make changes)

- Include at least a few sentences about yourself, your zone, the things you are seeking etc… whatever you like.

- Type the list of seeds that you have to share

- Type the list of seeds that you wish to find

- Please use descriptive words when they apply like heirloom, common, variegated, new variety, Park Seed, Burpee, hybrid etc....

- Don't forget to include special notes such as: If you are willing to send free seeds if the person sends you a self addressed stamped envelope (SASE) or any other special method. Our group is full of givers!

- If you run out of a certain variety or find new seeds to share, please update your doc as needed.

Click the "CREATE DOC" button at top right of the new Doc and you're done creating your seed swap Doc.

If you wish to make changes, just go to "Files" link again from our group wall, then click on your Doc's title... after that, there is a link at the top of your own doc called "Edit Doc", click Edit and make changes then click "SAVE" to make changes permanent. if you have any questions or need help, please feel free to message me.



Mexican Sunflower – Orange Annual 36"

Black Eyed Susan – Common Perennial, 24"-36"