Gastonia, NC Yard Sale

This a great way to sell your new,used, nused items without having to close off your weekend. This is a 7 day, 24 hr open YARD SALE and we ask that each member be respectful. This is NOT Ebay. It's not a bidding war. If someone likes the item and wants to buy it please don't go behind their back and make a counter offer to take that item away.

If possible post a pic, asking price, sizes, details, anything that might help sell your item. Always arrange to meet in a public location to exchange. If anyone agrees to meet and then no shows without contacting you and offering a reason please let us know. We will delete them from the page. This is GAS, TIME, and TRUST. We all have to have respect for compete strangers to make this work. If there is issues with the item contact the seller. Seller make sure that all issues are given if any to the buyer before selling your item. There is no limit on items you sell, however this is family friendly page so use your judgement and do not sell anything that would be offensive to other members.

There is no bad mouthing on the page. If you have an issue contact the buyer privately and if that cannot be resolved contact an Administrator who will work with both parties. Ultimately the decision is between the seller and buyer but the Administrator will remove any person that makes this page a bad place to sell on by being dishonest and hurtful.

Please contact with any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.