Gay League

A Facebook group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered and transsexual comics fans. Whether you're a fan of Marvel's Wiccan & Hulkling, and Northstar and Kyle, or Karma or Batwoman and Apollo & Midnigher, or Alan Scott, or Kevin Keller, or books from indy creators like Jon Macy's Fearful Hunter and Teleny & Camille or Kris Dresen's wonderful stories, Pam Harrison's House of Muses, or Wuvable Oaf from Ed Luce, or manga & yaoi or the truly gay bara, or the historical aspect of LGBT comics (Yes, there is history!) we hope you'll find our group a fun and welcoming place to spend time and make new friends.

The Facebook group is an informal outgrowth of the website found at http://www,

Group admins are Joe Palmer, Patricia (or Patty) Jeres, Steven Leitman, and Joshua Thomas.

Have fun, post and reply as much as you like. Every one of LGBT orientation is welcome, regardless of how you personally express your identity. LGBT supportive, straight people are welcome as well.

This group is intended to be a safe place. Please be respectful. If you read abusive comments or are the target of abuse or threatened via a typed comment(s) please take a screen cap image and contact Joe Palmer through Facebook.