gay photographers network

We’re an organization for gay men and women, and their friends, who are interested in photography. The aim is to create a network, where people can share photographic ideas & knowledge and get together regularly.

Our website holds a lot of additional information about the group, please feel free to take a look:

Based in London, the group meets on the last Wednesday of the month in a studio in Oval for talks on photography, photo challenges and networking. During the year photo walks and other activities are organised including a summer exhibition at The Strand Gallery near Trafalgar Square.

Beginners, enthusiasts and professionals are all welcome to join the network on FB (which is free) or a paid membership (£10 for the year) gives access to the GPN website, galleries, forum etc and details of inclusion in meetings, exhibitions and challenges :-)

For more details or to join our contact details are:

[email protected]

All posts are examined by our friendly admins, who, as long as they comply with our posting rules, will be approved. Please bear in mind this is a manual process, and there may be a short delay before your posting appears. If your posting does not appear, it'll be because it didn't comply with the POSTING RULES:

1. Please keep all postings relevant to the topic of photography.

2. Please adhere to Facebooks 'decency' rules when posting. Broadly speaking, this means no genitals (male or female), no bare bums or female breasts or links to 'adult' sites. Admins will remove, or politely request you remove, images that don't conform to these guidelines.

3. You may advertise your own photographic related business, websites, exhibitions, services etc but please do not advertise on behalf of a third party without checking first. This includes businesses that you work for, but do not own.

4. In addition to the normal content matter not considered suitable for posting, please do not post any images of minors or anyone who appears to be under adult age. No exceptions to this rule, even if it's an award winning picture of your niece or nephew!

5. Please do not 'flood' the page with multiple postings at once. You can create an album, into which you can upload multiple images and then share the album link. Otherwise please keep image postings to less than 4 per day.