Electronics and accessories sell and buy Ayrshire

A place to sell and buy and swap all your electronic stuff, and accsessories, like games, consoles, computers, laptops, dvd players, mobiles etc, anything to do with electronics, PLEASE TRY AND UPLOAD PICTURES IF U CAN, if u cant u can always find it on the internet and upload it that way, as u will get more attention to what you are selling, please note if it aint electrical or anything to do with electrics then dont post it, as it will be removed sorry. If u need any help feel free to ask. also Message to all members, if u buy something of someone, please make sure you test that its working, and that everything u were told about the product is correct, and that you are happy with it, and remember try before you buy. also all new members who want to join will be sent a message, to see if they are who they say they are, as we dont want loan scripts on this group, if u do not reply, then we will not accept you, sorry but thats the rules.. thanks for taking the time to read this.. :-)