Geelong baby sales

Please be patient when requesting to the join this group we curr...ently get 20+ requests per day and we check all profiles prior to being accepted into this group.

if you find yourself removed please contact Jess Madeline she is in charge of approvals

If you block admin we will not accept you.


At the top right hand corner of each post there is a down arrow you can report a post to admin via this it there is inappropriate material or bullying please screen shot the post and comments and send to the head admins we will follow this up

As a seller you have the right to not sell to someone that has not collected in the past please remember this buyers when committing to buy an item (but remember you can only bypass someone if you have evidence they have not collected from you)

Buyer has 6hrs to make contact if the buyer fails to make contact the seller (maximum of 12hrs) is able to sell to the next person in line.

Seller should sell items to people interested in order that they comment.
Sellers please DO NOT pick and choose who you sell your items to as this is unfair on buyers who have been waiting in line.
(with the exception of non pickups see above)

Please only bump every 8 hours, so other people have a chance to sell their items.

If you are selling/giving away a capsule/car seat PLEASE state the DOM (date of manufacture) which can be found on the sticker on the bottom of carseat, seats that are sold or given away on Geelong Baby Sales need to be LESS than 10 years old.

Business posts must be put in the business file so all members can see your advertisement.

Please use manners and be polite. Any problems/issues please contact admin.

* Please note that admin do not sit on facebook 24/7 we do have families of our own and children to care for so please be patient when awaiting a reply from us *

If you block admin you will be removed from the group.

Bek Koeleman

Head Admins are:
Emma Gray (on Maternity leave)
Jess Madeline (responsible for adding members )
Megan Burns
Tara Young
Jessica Madeline
Ashlee Vernon
Jamie McLennan

if you have an issue with any admin please inbox Bek Koeleman for a confidential chat and remember not to block an admin we need to be able to contact you

Also Being ADMIN of a facebook group is a unpaid job so please remember we have feelings too and it can be quite stressful but we are here to solve problems and help when we can don't abuse us or an instant ban will follow