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Please read the rules below before posting your ad.

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Please take the time to read these rules carefully as anyone found to break these rules will be removed from the group.

NIL = Next In Line - become the next person considered for the listed item.
F = Follow - receive updates when people comment on the post.
BUMP = Bring Up My Post - bring an item of yours to the top of the feed (Max 10 per post, 24 hourly).

1. The following items/posts are BANNED from GOS:
- ANIMALS - There will be no selling, buying or trading of animals.
- LOST AND FOUND posts including animals and items.
- WEAPONS - Including knives, bows, crossbows, decorative weapons, guns, etc.
- ALCOHOL, prescription medicine and illegal drugs.
- GoFundMe and other similar fundraisers.
- Avon, recruitment and Party Plan posts.
- BIDDING/AUCTIONS and links to bidding sites such as eBay.
- Any NON-SALES related posts and EVENTS.
- Any other item deemed ILLEGAL to own or sell in Geelong, Victoria, or Australia.
- BUSINESS POSTS must be booked through Geelong Online Marketing. Head to
2. The first member to comment "Sold" or express an interest in purchasing the item must be given first preference. If they decline to collect the item you must work through additional interested members in order of the comments on the item's post.
3. All sales posts must clearly state a price and location - A suburb should be specified.
4. You may only BUMP your post a maximum of once every 24 hours after the last bump or comment. 10 bumps total per post. Frequent bumping will result in your post being removed.
5. Please avoid commenting on posts if you are not interested in purchasing the listed item.
6. Bullying, naming and shaming and abusing other members will not be tolerated. Users breaking this rule will be permanently banned. Please report members found breaking this rule to the admins.

Please remember: (Disclaimer)
- The administrators hold no responsibility for any transactions, loss of money or the behavior of any member.
- You are solely responsible for the content of your post and any transaction wherein.
- The Administrators reserve the right to delete any post for any reason and/or cancel any membership of Geelong Online Sales for any reason at their own discretion.
- The administrators of Geelong Online Sales reserve the right to interpret any rule or non specific rule at their own discretion.

Please remember the Admins are VOLUNTEERS