Bhagavad Gita Study Group

Hariḥ Om. This study group is dedicated to the study of traditional Advaita Vedānta, based on the teachings of Pūjya Swāmi Dayānanda Saraswati ji of Ārśa Vidyā Gurukulam (not to be mistaken for the founder of Ārya Samāj)

Pūjya Swāmiji is a traditional teacher of Vedanta. His depth of understanding and keen insight into the human nature makes him that rare teacher who can communicate the subtle vision of advaita to all audiences. He is able to make one see, with immediacy, the truth of oneself as the whole.

Swāmiji handles Śāstra as Śabda Pramāṇam; just as eyes are the pramāṇam for rūpam. The importance of Īśvara and Guru is equally stressed in his teachings.

With AIM for Sevā, he is doing what many so-called purist advaitins have failed to do. That is to take care of the neglected masses. Thus Pūjya Swāmiji is a living example of a true vedāntin as exemplified in the Śr̥ti.

What we strive for here, in this group, is to study, inquire, share what we have learned, and try to remove what Pūjya Swāmiji refers to as self ignorance.

Please let us do that peacefully.

Śrī Gurubhyo Namaḥ

Om tat sat

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Additionally,you will find many of His videos on youtube and vimeo as well. Will put together a playlist and share in the future