Sage Goddess Gem Haven

Sage Goddess Gem Haven is a community of members who have a love... for crystals and want to learn more. Below are our community rules, designed to help us hold this sacred container in a way that honors everyone here and maintains a level of energetic balance necessary for us to enjoy the space together.

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1. Stay in the light and treat your fellow members with respect and love. Please be kind and watch your tone; as our mothers always told us (or mine did at least!) if you don't something nice to say, don't say anything at all. If a post offends you, ignore it. If a post or a comment is unkind, I reserve the right, along with my team of admins, to remove the post/comment and the member as well without explanation.

2. Posts MUST be gem-related and comments must be gentle. We are all empaths here! Admin reserves the right to remove any disrespectful comments or may turn off comments at any time based on our appraisal of the situation. Admin are not obligated to contact a member before a post is removed, or he/she is blocked.

3. Be good teachers, stewards, and guides. There are NO dumb questions here! Please respond kindly and gently to posts asking for information or guidance, or refrain from commenting if you prefer. Most members here are empaths, so please keep that in mind when you post or comment.

4. Keep your posts related to gems.

5. If you see a post that concerns you OR if you see comments on posts that are becoming unproductive in any way, report the post. Admin will receive an alert and will remove the post/member promptly once the post is reviewed. Please allow 24-48 hours for post approval/review and removal.

6. Please limit posts to 1-2 posts per day; posts with multiple photos will be removed.

7. No marketing, sales, readings, trades, swaps, Secret Santa, or giveaways. GoFundMe pages will also be removed. Do not post links to products you sell or offer your services to members of the group, even if your services are free. Direct AND indirect sales are forbidden (including asking people to PM you in regards to a product). Posts mentioning other online groups will be removed. You are welcome to post items you purchase from local brick-and-mortar shops and businesses near you.

8. Should you have concerns with a product or order, please email and allow up to 48 hours for a response. Your patience is appreciated - magic takes time! This group is not the space for product concerns or complaints.

9. If you are in need of prayer or spiritual support, please join our Sage Goddess Prayer Circle group to both seek and give support to one another.

Thank you for being an important part of our purpose and work. We love you <3