Eat Healthy, Be Healthy (Challenging the Standard American Diet)


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This group has been created by health coach and personal trainer Alyssa Davis, owner of Vivacious Transformations Health Coaching. If you want more content please see the Facebook page: Food Love Fitness, I post more on the FB page than anywhere else. My website is also a great source of info:


This group has been created to inspire others to improve their diets and reduce their exposure to toxins in their environment. Are you looking to create more energy, happiness, and optimism in your life? A healthy lifestyle is empowering. If you are open to change and are ready to take control of your health, these posts will be helpful to you. With this in mind, remember that we are individuals and advice will work differently for each of us. Discuss diet and lifestyle changes with your doctor.


As we change our habits for the better, we can lead others to make changes and experience the benefits as well.

Students can make a difference within the local student body.

We can teach our children from a young age to make healthy choices and protect their health.

We vote for the foods that line our shelves when we shop for groceries. Let's support the best.

Real food = real quality.

Artificial foods do not support your health.

Read ingredients of a product before you buy it. Don’t let ads influence your purchase.

Every meal offers a chance to support our health. Every poor quality meal takes the place of a meal that needed to be high quality.

Food should never have become lacking in quality to spare money. Most Americans pay hospital bills one day that might never have existed if they had only ate REAL food.

Invest in your health. Protect it. Your care is important and a priority.

Major health problems can sometimes be overcome with the correct dietary and lifestyle changes. (I’m now enjoying health, but I was extremely ill for 8 years before I gave my diet a makeover.) Your diet is powerful. Ask yourself, does it work for good or evil? ;)

You will be soo much happier as your body begins to show the power and benefits of a complete nutritious diet!! I cannot stress that enough. There is a connection between the foods you eat, and your moods.

The best advice that I can give you is to stop thinking of reasons you can’t. The phrase “I can’t,” will prevent us from living a full life.

A healthy diet and lifestyle could prevent future health problems. The greatest strain on the health of the American public could perhaps be nutritional deficiencies.

Take this challenge on! There are plenty of real food recipes that you can use to replace your favorite foods that contain artificial ingredients.

Bottom line: I hope this group will educate members so that making healthy changes is easier.