Geng Sepeda Malaysia (GSM)

A cycling group originally started by those based in Kuantan especially around Permatang Badak that consist of amateur cyclists who ride initially for health with family & friends, and gasping for air when pedalling at 25 kmh. We used to cycle mostly at night, hence the original name (Geng Sepeda Malam) and later cycle actively even at the daytime, hence the second rebranding to GSSM (Geng Sepeda Siang malam).

However now, we have many friends even from those in KL & other parts of Malaysia. We even ride together by creating a special ride in other parts of Pahang or outside Pahang. To avoid confusion especially when we use Sepeda instead of Basikal, we add Malaysia to the name & we now named our group Geng Sepeda Malaysia (GSM). Yup, 'sepeda' sounds like Indonesian, but trust me, it is inside Kamus Dewan :).

This group is neither an exclusive nor a registered club. We invite averyone to join us cycling & we also would like to join any cycling events. We don't have membership & we don't force people to become our member. Joining this facebook group does not mean that one is bounded to any membership.

More important is cycling! Come & join our ride. Be it racing or mountain bike. Let just have fun!

Are we fast riders? Yes & no. Fast to few people & definitely considered slow by many. But don't worry, if you are new, we are willing to share what we know. We are also new...hence we welcome any advise from experienced cyclists.

We communicate mainly in Malay or broken English (and Malay).

p/s We are not affiliated to any bicycle shop or organisation. We are not an athlete maker & we are not professionals. We don't do living by cycling or bicycle business. Cycling make us poorer.