Genting K9 Unit

From it's humble beginning in 1971 by the founder Mr. Jerry Newton, the Genting K9 Unit has move forward to learn and earn all possible means of training methodology. This will slowly but surely give us the needed background to formulate credible dog training methods. I have learnt this since 1986 and still gaining tits & bits from seasoned & new gurus whom have expertise in their respective field..

My sincere acknowledgement to those who have guide or inspired me directly or indirectly in anyway thus enriching my knowledge beginning with Mr, Jerry Newton, Gobala Raman, Mohan Maniam, Guard Dog Chong, Stephen Guard Dogs, Sivabarathi, Roger Leow, Sivalingam, Dog detectives trainers U.K, Officers & Instructors from PDRM K9 Unit, Guy Vershate, Jurgen Knobel, Mahesh Kumar Rai, Warner Kelbenik, Thomas Buschbacher, Helmut Welsh, Rainus, Eric, Mondioring Kesh, Ilkka Hormila

Let not the journey be disrupted,