Gentle Informants

Our mission is to support parents starting their vaccine research, inform them of another view, and become confident on their natural health journey!

Using credible documents, we encourage you to challenge what you think you know, gain knowledge, and expand your consciousness. We'll provide sources & give options so you can make these BIG, lifelong decisions. The admin team consists of intelligent moms; an acupuncturist, an EMT, ER nurse, 2 RNs, a pastor, women's ministry leader, a teacher, and advocates with your best interest at heart.

This is a SAFE place to ask questions and learn new information. It's not necessarily an "anti/pro" group, therefore there's no bashing, name calling, drama, judgment, OR arguments. Gentle pushback or challenging a view respectfully is ok, but fighting isn't tolerated.

While the admins use natural health for *our* families, we want to meet you where you are, guide you through this difficult path, and inspire you to make the best decision. We're not like other forums. Our main objective IS to motivate you toward a more natural and vax free life. And if not that, to at the VERY least delay/select for your family and not use the current tripled, dangerous schedule of up to 50 doses by 5 years old.

Whatever you decide we want to make sure you're INFORMED, like we were not. We, the moms of vaccine injured kids, weren't educated on the side effects of, allergies, otitis media (ear infections), SIDS, seizures, autism, & neuro disorders - NOR informed of the ingredients; formaldehyde, aluminum phosphate, monkey kidneys, monosodium glutamate, human DNA, phenoxyethanol, + more. And we certainly didn't know there were other options. We want to help save children and parents from some of the pain and heartache that we and our children have experienced.

We'll be as unbiased as possible on this passionate and controversial topic, but won't in good conscience "recommend" a vaccine. We can however, provide you with a specific vaccine's history, use, side effects, ingredients, and relevance to your life, cross our fingers you really research from unbiased material, and then use your own logic and common sense. If you choose the current schedule, we nicely ask that you remove yourself and leave room for those wanting to learn more.

If you choose NOT to vaccinate upon your findings here, we'll show you how to ensure your children and others are STILL protected through other methods and help alleviate the fear that's been instilled. It's a common misconception that we do not vaccinate and then walk around "infecting" others - that's far from the truth.

We are parents/professionals who've spent a great deal of REAL research on this subject. Not from the internet, but from books, studies, conferences, documentaries, documents, old newspaper clippings/articles, and journals.

Ask away, be respectful, no drama. Thanks for being here - helping you & your children is extremely important to us. ♥