Georgina Lester - Marketing, Social Media & Business Development

I envisage that this group will be a port of call for anyone wanting a sounding board for their marketing and social media plans and ideas. My aim is to nurture a culture of 'ask anything' - from the small and seemingly insignificant to the more major challenges with big time strategies. I firmly believe that your problem is my problem and the more that we openly share how we solve those problems the more that we can cultivate a community culture that is openly supportive which is better for everyone.

It will most certainly be a port of call for those who attend any of the workshops that I run, join other groups, are involved in the arts projects here in Wales, involved with luxury businesses and/or generally have an interest in developing their marketing.

My focus is and always has been about the customer experience, customer relationships and using the best of the technologies to deliver real value to their lives making them completely addicted to being a fan!

Whilst we may look at ways to measure how we get a return on our marketing and social media investment - vital of course, the primary focus is to make the journey of getting to know our customers fun, enjoyable and mutually beneficial.

So how's that for a starter?

Rules of Engagement ... are to engage!

This group is not for spamming, advertising, bludgeoning or any other mediaeval practices of hanging drawing, quartering, trolling or hijacking.

We love to love, love laughing, love sharing knowledge, hate being talked at and are very willing to bounce in with lots of feedback, ideas and opinions.

We are indifferent to indifference, show disdain to any disdain and totally intransigently intolerant about intolerance.

We cultivate respect, openness, authenticity and generosity. Above all we like to have fun.

Enjoy the journey!