GermiNation Conscious Collective

The objective of the 'GermiNation Project' is to connect, educate, engage, and empower as many people as possible to incorporate more conscious and regenerative systems in their lives and communities.

We would like to encourage EVERYONE to fully utilize and share with others this Coscious Collective Page as a platform to share action and learning opportunities from anywhere and everywhere. Spreading the understanding of Unity while providing education on subjects of sustainable food production or life design (health/diet) and community engagement. Feel free to post about classes being offered, lectures being given, events in your community, lists of local farmers markets/local farm to table restaurants, creative projects, etc.
'GermiNation Project' is a global movement, don't hold yourself back from the contribution you've been empowered to make.

Through connecting with others and expanding our current campuses in Tennessee and Costa Rica, we are forming a world-wide network of inspiration based 'universities' on communities practicing a holistic approach to truly balanced and sustainable life. In the future we are building together people will be able to feasibly travel from one campus to the next through means as simple as hiking or riding a bike and (aside from their core curriculum) also participate in various learning and exchange opportunities ranging from food forest creation and design, healing with natural medicine, art installation/earthship construction and land sculpting collaborations, as well as trading goods between communities.

Thank you ALL for YOUR role in this big puzzle and for being a part of the wonderful things to come. Much Love and blessings all around!

***We soon plan to launch an independent web platform to better communicate these opportunities and updates so stay tuned.***