Get fit and Lean for Life

Feel free to email [email protected] if you are serious about joining with your story.

Get Fit and Lean for life is a group about inspiring, encouraging and motivating each other, share recipes, ask questions and let us know how you are going on your journey.

If you are requesting to join please READ the pinned post, it has all the rules in there - If you are not sure please PM an admin - We remove members from the group who break the rules. Thank you xx

Distributors - please do not think you can come in here and solicit, it is not welcome and we will show you the door, no personal/business advertising.

ALL negative posts will be removed, you are allowed to voice your opinion but not in a negative/bitchy manner, this group is to encourage, motivate inspire and for people to be able to come on and have fun, not get ridiculed.

This group is designed to provide moral support to women and personal experience based advice only. This group is not aligned with any medical or sporting bodies and does not act as such. This group holds no responsibility for any advice given by its members. Any advice given or received in this group is on a personal level and not designed for business use. Before starting any exercise or nutritional plan please consult with your healthcare professional. This group will hold no liability for any injuries, illness or actions caused or undertaken by its members and each member is part of the group with an understanding of the above and their own consent.

- Ladies only -