Get Rich Quick - Tatts Syndicate

Welcome to the 'Get Rich Quick' Tattslotto Syndicate for 2016-20...17.


We will buy the same systems entry EVERY week for the year in SATURDAY TATTSLOTTO.
Membership runs until 30-6-17.

All membership fees/winnings will go into the group bank account which is used for the sole purpose of this syndicate. It earns NO interest.

Any deviation from the single systems entry will only be made with A MAJORITY RULES vote on any issue that comes up. i.e, buying a one-off JACKPOT ticket using previous winnings or cashing out winnings.

Any vote which may be required will be put up via a specific post with the vote question requiring a YES/NO answer.....

If there is 6 yes & 5 no votes, then the answer is YES & the ticket will be bought & posted. If no vote is received by the cut off time, you lose your vote on that issue.

Any cash/winnings left at years end will be evenly dispersed OR invested on ONE BIG ticket at the end.

Happy Gambling & lets hope 'WE ALL GET RICH QUICK'