Gifts of the Heart

This page is for others to post items or services they want to offer up to those in need for free. You can also post ISO's ( In Search Of ) for any of your needs. We are launching an actual full website to provide even more resources to help these in need. This organization is for the Non-Religious | Atheists | Agnostic | Secular | Humanist with zero affiliation with any religion or religious organization. We help EVERYONE believers and non-believers because we can do good with out a god. We give and help just because it is the right thing to do for love of our fellow humans! this group is for national, state, and local use. "i just want to have a place for people to help and others to get help just because its the right thing to do without any religiosity"


#1. This page is strictly for facilitating communication between those in need and those that want to help, there is to be zero discussion, posts, replies, memes, photos, anything about your beliefs, lack of beliefs, opinions, or anything else that is not in the best interest of what I have intended this group to be, If you violate any of the previous mentioned conditions you will be booted and banned.

#2 Read rule number 1.