Selangor Garage Sales Corner

Someone Else's Rubbish Another Person's Treasure.

Trying to generate income in any way that you can?
Here is a small platform for you to sell unused stuff =or=
see something you want? Get it at a lower price. Haggle with the seller. It can be fun!

Due to overwhelming response, we have created this new Fan Page - GilaGarage.

Why create this community of buyers, sellers & onlookers?

Ever participated in a garage sales or online used stuff sales? What was the feeling like? Can this Buyer be trusted? Will this Seller play me out (ffk)?

Here's a community where everyone knows someone on the Page. Those who joined this community invites people they know to participate.

It's fun - negotiate with your Sellers, treat it like a market.

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~ Come One, Come All ~

Note : Please do not treat this Page as a page to promote your personal business. You may sell new stuffs that you no longer use or which you have overstocked.

Started with just one tiny thought / mad idea "To clear all my useful barang-barang that I've not been using from my store room"

Facebook would be a good platform to share some good things with.

Disclaimer: This platform is open for public, so far, Selangor Garage Sales Corner doesn't earn anything from your buyings and selling, we take no responsibility from any transaction conducted here.

Contact the seller and buyer on your own, just wanna to say play safe, meet up some places that is public area, or go with a small group, unless you know that person.

Refrain from jeopardizing sales unnecessarily. However, you are encouraged to raise an alarm if you strongly believe a potential fraud is about to take place. Alternatively, report the post.

You are reminded that the banking in of money to the account of somebody you do not know, including that of a moderator or senior member, in the expectation of shipment is extremely risky and should not be practiced.