GiONEE P3 aka Walton Primo GF Development

Welcome To Gionee P3 Users and Developers...

This is the Facebook group for the amazingly powerful gionee p3. Join us to unlock its full potential !

Now please read the rules before joining first :
1. Mild Language (This group is rated "T For Teen" )

2. No redirect links except or ( and others are banned from India and this group)

3. Never argue with admins.

4. Please *try* to use our own blog links instead of others.

5. Respect other members

6. Do not share your blog unless it is something new

7. Please refrain from commenting "Hi add me" (Its not my problem
if you are forever alone)(one member banned due to this)

8. Act mature and do not act like a noob

9. Do not send friend request to me unless necessary ( I check my personal mail every day, even the others folder)

10. For advanced discussions, we have a forum in our blog.

11. Do not request me to make you admin. We elect them when necessary.

12. English and Hinglish only....

13. Try to use proper grammar

14. Mild Trolling can be accepted but not too much

15. ANY file shared in this group, when posted on any other source on the world-wide-web , should have a clear and proper link to this group and must have clear credits to the member of this group who discovered or posted this.

Description Credit: Rohan Taneja My Friend

Have a good time :D