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Hey girls! I'm Libbyanna, I created this page and I hope you love it as much as I do

To send an ANON its very simple, pick an Admin of your choice and send them a facebook message letting them know you want it posted anonymously and they will do so. If a admin posts an post with "ANON" then a big bit of writing, this has been sent from them. The admins do not have 100000 problems. These are posted on behalf.

For all your babes with anything you wanna post, food related, even makeup, hair, your outfits, boyfriend related, questions, about anything girl related! ANYTHING!

Be nice, and supportive to everyone! ZERO TOLERANCE RULE! If you re nasty, you go!
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We dont accept medical or weight-loss posts. Some of the advice girls post is shocking and girls and it can be potentially dangerous.
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ps. THE PAGE IS R16 ;)