Girls Who Love Riding Motorcycles (She Cave)

Welcome to the She Cave for Girls Who Love Riding Motorcycles. ...Where we can chat about bikes, adventures and anything else we want. For us to be inspirational to all women.
* Please regularly check the Events and File for updates. Your welcome to add groups/pages to our File.
*All advertising is to go either into the file or the buy selling album. When you are advertising something for sale in the Selling Album please make sure you have information in the description about the product and contact details. If you need to post several photo's of the item. Join the photo's together and save as one photo.
* Business (Bike related ONLY) advertising. The first Friday of the Month, you can post 1 post about your business and only 1. Do not bump your ad/post. If someone inquires on your post, please direct them to private message. We don't want everyone being bombarded with spam, as this isn't what this group was designed for.
* Please invite your girlfriends that you have added to our Cave to any Events so they don't miss out. Feel free to post any rides to see if anyone wants to join in.
* PLEASE as this is an all Women's group, if your going to invite a friend they must have their own facebook account. Not joint with their husbands/male partners.
* No abusive language or bullying allowed. Share our group, that would be great.