Grand Junction, CO bartering club

What is this group for?

This group is an experiment. The goal is to help people with excess get the most good from their products, talent and/or skill. A good sense of humor will also be appreciated.

Money is tight, but sometimes you simply need your stove fixed or your dog walked. Other times you may need a car or a cage for your hamster. Why spend money when you can exchange a good, service or talent?

Are there rules for this group?

This group is not highly moderated, but it does have a purpose. The focus is trades and barters. If you have something to sell, we will probably allow that too, but this is not a forum for advertising your business.


UNACCEPTABLE: "Come on down to Unpainted Arizona where you can find the largest selection of..."

ACCEPTABLE: "If you find my missing baby, I will give you a line of credit at Unpainted Arizona"

NOTE TO NANCY GRACE: The above examples are humorous references to the film Raising Arizona. They are not an attempt to make light of this nations epidemic of missing children.

What are the consequences for breaking the rules?

First offense, you will get a direct message shaming you for the violation.
Second offense, you will be banned from the group temporarily.
Third offense, you will be banned permanently.

If your post is especially vulgar/offensive, you will could be banned permanently on the first offense.

Are there any unacceptable trades?

If it's illegal, it will be removed. No drugs, sex, body parts, slave trafficking, etc.

Are firearms OK?

Until we know where this subject stands legally, we will say no firearms should be posted up for trade and no requests for firearms should be posted. However, individual traders may work out any deal they wish via private transaction.

Although the moderators are all for gun rights and the Second Amendment, we are very much against going to jail or being subject to other legal complications. We recommend doing your firearms deals in your local newspaper classifieds or gun shows.

Who should I complain to if I find something that violates the rules?

Our goal is to be as loose with moderation as possible. We will remove offensive posts, but we will error on the side of good bartering should a post falls into a gray area. We don't want people to be afraid to post their barter proposal for fear of violating the rules.


Early on in the group, we tried to enforce a bartering only rule. The group essentially died.

The problem with bartering only is that the person who grows zucchini also needs a haircut in winter and the barber doesn't always like zucchini.

There is a similar problem when comparing values. The gardener who sells zucchini for $1/box will have a hard time finding someone to either give them a haircut in trade for a $1 box of zucchini or for 30 boxes of zucchini.

So, a rule was made that cash values may be attached to posts. The "seller" must be willing to consider barters and trades of the same value. However, cash is also acceptable.

A short, incomplete lesson on capitalism.

Real capitalism is bartering. It is based on the theory that each member of society has value and when each person is permitted to reach their potential, they can use their skills and talents to benefit others in trade. As no one can meet completely satisfy their own needs.

However, bartering fails because there are differences in value, seasons, quantities and talent. As explained above, a farmer will have a hard time trading a crop of corn for a $100,000 tractor. Therefore a system of credits exists. The corn grower can trade his corn for credits. These credits allow the corn grower to trade with people who don't need corn and it allows the manufacturer to build machines out of something other than food provided by those who need his or her products.

Of course, pure bartering can work, but it requires a network of people with complimentary needs.