Glitch Community

Post your deals, including Glitches here!

We have many new memb...ers joining. So in the spirit of keeping things running smoothly and not having to kick anyone out, please read over the rules and agree to them.

*No Referral Links may be posted unless it's by our staff. Referral links include Ibotta, Snap, Schoola, Thred Up etc. Any links that provide monetary benefit to the poster will be removed including affiliate links.

*Links to coupon blogs, insert sellers, and coupon sellers will be removed. Please do not post them. No self promotion allowed. No buying, Selling or trading merchandise.

We love it when you share pictures and breakdowns of your shopping trips!! By posting them in here you acknowledge we can and may use your pictures and deals on the blog. We will of course give you credit for the deal and pic.

*Misuse of coupons and violations of store policies will be deleted without notice. This is also ground for removal from the group. This includes misuse of any gift card app.

*Do not post one time use coupons. If you have one that you will not use you can take a picture without the codes and offer it give it away to one person via PM.

*We have a Q&A thread especially for new members to ask questions. It is great for newer members. You guys that have been around a while please go in there and help out answering questions. You can find the thread under the albums on this page. We will have a FAQ post up under the files very soon.

If you want to follow a post please find the down arrow at the top of the post and select to receive notifications. All “.” “following” or similar post will get deleted.

The best thing a new member can do is read. Read the posts and read the comments. You will learn a lot :)

*Be kind and respectful. No swearing at any time. Being rude, condescending, or harassing our members or admin. We are all here to help each other.

Do not block an admin.

Not following any rule is grounds for removal.

You can be banned without warning. Arguing with an admin will not be tolerated. All banned members are final and cannot be changed.