Global Catholic Worker

Open to all who share in the vision and goals of the Catholic Worker movement. The Catholic Worker was started in 1933 by Dorthy Day and Peter Maurin with printing of The Catholic Worker and the opening of a House of Hospitality. There are new numerous houses and farms which are Catholic Worker. The CW provides serving the poor through direct aid, stands with the poor and the oppressed, are communities of resistance to war and injustice, and who live by and promote the Social Justice teaching of the Church.
The Catholic Worker, 36 East First Street, New York, NY 10003

The Corporal Works of Mercy:

To feed the hungry
To give drink to the thirsty.
To clothe the naked.
To visit and ransom the captives.
To shelter the homeless.
To visit the sick.
To bury the dead.

The Spiritual Works of Mercy:

To comfort the sorrowful
To counsel the doubtful
To instruct the ignorant
To admonish sinners
To bear wrongs patiently
To forgive offenses willingly
To comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable
To pray for the living and the dead

Those who are community members of this Global Catholic Worker are asked to pray this chaplet daily in unity and solidarity with all the communities existing world wide.

Community members commit themselves to serve the poor in some measure and to fight for the rights of the poor.