Global Occupy Media

The goal of this group is to establish global coordinated alternative media.
We aim to bring together all the writers, videographers, editors, radio makers,
tech ops, graphic artists, photographers, bloggers, ….so we can become a force to be reckoned with against the domination of MSM.
Diversification is good but is it efficient to get the message out? Do we reach the general public?
So here the intent is not necessarily to share content but use the platform to design strategies on how we can coordinate our efforts.

For too long we have allowed ourselves to remain dispersed, evicted from the park, kicked out of our office space, disorganized and kept from organizing by an ethos of individualist autonomy. We have wasted too much time and effort on unfinished or underpublicized projects. We need to coordinate our efforts so they build on one another. The tasks of covering news, contextualizing events, and publicizing our media need to be organized as efficiently as they are within the commercial media if we are to be an effective alternative.

* Please note:
All News should be posted on the event page "Daily Global Real News", which will be renewed on a daily basis. You will receive invites for these events daily. People Should go through the event page and diffuse stories from there, and add stories for others to diffuse. This allows us not to have the actual working group page be overwhlemed with information which is what happened in all previous attempts to to setup FaceBook media coordination groups.
Please use the GOM group itself to setup writers, diffusers, livestreamers etc subgroups, announce transversal working groups on specific campaigns etc.

The goal of this group is to connect and brainstorm on how to coordinate our efforts and build a global media network not share content. That's what the event page is for.

Plz don't take it personally if your content was removed, the admins in this group are dedicated to facilitate the goals we set out to do so removing content that is not on topic is just a way of staying efficient and effective.

Now let's do this Revolution! ♥