GMA Network (Official Group)

GMA Network, Inc. is the leading broadcasting company in the Philippines operating a network of 47 Very High Frequency (VHF) and 13 Ultra High Frequency (UHF) television stations, as well as 23 radio stations throughout the country. Apart from its television and radio networks, GMA also owns a wide array of media-related businesses including film production, record publishing and distribution, program acquisition and syndication, international channel operation, production design, talent development, audio-visual production, marketing and promotions, audio-visual production, and new media.

GMA is the most awarded television station in the country. By far, GMA is the only Philippine media company to have won the coveted Peabody Awards for excellence in journalism, and the Best Terrestrial Television Station of the Year (2005) from the Asian Television Awards.

GMA was listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange in 2007 with the ticker symbol GMA7 (Common Shares) and GMAP (PDRs).

The Rules and Regulations on this group:

These are the Advice & Warnings here on this FB Group (GMA Network (Official Group) as it follows:

-> Posting about all any classified ads (such as buy & sell the clone/imitated/premium/Class-A/Local Smartphones or Tablet PCs), any Franchising business & even the Applying Job Vacancies/Hiring are strictly prohibited (NEW RULE).
-> Posting any commercials from the internet advertising on any links are strictly prohibited.
-> Posting scandalous items like any link/video/photo/word are also prohibited.
-> Posting old & new TV programs & even the Status update about the Top Stories (NEWS) from the other network (non-kapuso supporters) is strictly prohibited, because we will not approve those posts.
-> Posting inappropriate items: vulgar, unnecessarily facts, unetiquette items, rude, scam & bad items are very strictly prohibited.
-> Posting about haters page about the network is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Good Examples:

-> Post any old & new Entertainment programs even on those old & new Title Cards of the Programs exclusively from GMA-7
-> Post status update about the most updated Top Stories exclusively from the GMA Network website, Official account on FB/Instagram/Twitter (using Smartphones/Tablets) for the Operating system Android or iOS for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
->If you want to post TOP STORIES from GMA News, do post on this group.
-> If you want to have updates from GMA News TV, GMA International and Subsidiaries of GMA. Do post on this group.
-> If you want to have updates from Radio GMA like Super Radyo and Barangay Radio (formerly Campus Radio), Do post on this group. (NEW RULE)
-> If you want to have updates from GMA Regional, Do post on this group. (NEW RULE)


Thank You!

This group is not owned by GMA Network, Inc., GMA Entertainment TV Group and GMA Corporate Affairs. THIS IS ONLY A GROUP HUB PAGE!