Globe Miami Social Network

Welcome to the Globe Miami Social Network!

This site is dedicated to current and former residents of the Globe-Miami area that want to connect both for social purposes and business promotions. It is also an events page, relevant to the interests of community members. Whether the business or event is in the Globe-Miami communities, or local groups active around the state, we encourage all promotional activity, provided it is affiliated with former or current residents of Globe-Miami. We encourage social interaction between members that have community ties to Globe-Miami as well as to communicate relevant news items. The site is not intended for political activism, personal complaints, or religious platforms. All personal attacks will be subject to deletion and potential exclusion from the site. We do not permit the use of excessive spam-like advertising. “Alter-ego personalities” will be monitored closely to avoid site disruptions. We ask for restraint on language, and innuendo. Enjoy, promote good vibes, and make the social connections from our little spot in the world.