GMO Soapbox

Step up onto your Soapbox to talk GMO talk without any censor or restriction to your ideas..

GMO Soapbox will have no moderators except to remove spam, advertisements, and flooding. Besides spam, spammers, and flooders, no post will be removed and no person will be banned (Unless, of course, the post breaks the law or Facebook rules). We want unhindered discussion and we will forever remain free to say what we need to say.

Spam = Commercial advertisements that are irrelevant to the community topics such as for shoes and sunglasses. Spam also includes anti-GMO or pro-GMO sales items such as shirts with slogans.

Flooding = A tactic for silencing others by posting several threads in rapid fire and not participating in discussion. An example is posting more than three pictures or article links in one day, especially if posted one after another. Posting more than three text posts or text posts including images is okay if they aren't used to just silence others and if they are used to get people talking.

No More Rules:
The admins aren't babysitters. If you don't like something. Block the person, report it to Facebook, or stop using the Internet.

Fine print:
"All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others".