Rules and Guidelines

This is a platform for Goans to voice their opinions on various topics. Share your information, seek new information, make new friends and understand others better.



1. All topics are welcome. Members are expected to maintain decorum of debate civility. Remember this is a public forum and everyone can read how you speak your opinions out. There may be many more people reading your comments then actual participating in the debate.

2. Members should try to post in such a way to enhance friendship, trust, unity and respect for many different communities of Goa.

3. Every member will be fully and legally responsible to any of the comment by him/her. Admin will not be liable legally for any of the members comments as they cannot control how and what a member comments.

4. All comments made on Goa+ will be under sole copyright of Goa+ admins.

5. Posts against national ethos and National personalities may be deleted.

6. Abusive and personal comments will be deleted. In such a case a warning will be issued to the member to refrain from such activity in future. Repeated occurrences might result in a ban.

7. All morphed images/photos will be deleted as soon as it is brought to the notice of the admins without warning.

8. Admins may act sometimes as per the circumstances in a rare situation which may not be as per above rules (1-7).

9. By Joining this forum, every members gives his/her consent of abiding by these rules.

10. We plan to have Live Video debates of selected group members on Google Plus Hangout. Which will be beamed live on youtube and also will be available to view later. Please also send a request to https://plus.google.com/communities/113718423285617663780?partnerid=gplp0 to be able to participate in it/view it. This will be made a regular feature based on its popularity.