Go banana style group is a group of people who like
positive thinking
be crazy ,have fun ,be cool and...


#GBS - #GOBananaStyle aims to spread the positive healthy happy spirit of the Banana Power with as many Happy Banana Smiles as possible.
Smiling is for FREE!
saying THANK YOU to your family of friends that make you happy is also for FREE!

Well you got the message, all are invited, Pass it on!!!

As to promote the message, we initiated The 1st Happy Banana Treasure Hunt game.
The HBTH is a nonprofit fun event based to be scheduled in Hong Kong around CNY and later in Greater Asia.

This CNY 2015 we have made special Yellow Laisee that represents Double Giving as Double Happiness. When you get a yellow banana Laisee remember to pass it on to any Charity of your choice.

Free advice: Never argue with Success. We invite you all to join us.

This is a fun event and that is all about GIVING.
Participants are invited to donate to any charity of their choice.

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