The dispensing of Christ to dispense all the riches of the embodied Divine Trinity into His believers is for the gradual building up of the Body of Christ. This is a lifelong process in our Christian life. However, the transmitting of Christ is not gradual but sudden. The steps taken by Christ consummated with His transcending ascension. Now His transmission is like that of a rushing violent wind to set up the churches, which are the Body of Christ. On the day of Pentecost such a step was taken by the ascended Christ to have a sudden “strike” among the human race.

This is not to dispense but to transmit. This is not the gradual dispensing of the element of the divine riches into the believers for the building up of the Body gradually. This is a sudden “striking” to bring the churches into being and to make them transcendent over all the items in the four layers of persons, matters, and things which oppose God’s raising up of His churches. These four layers are Hades, the earth, the air and the third heaven. By transcending through these four layers, everything within these layers was subdued under the feet of Christ. Such a transcending Christ is transmitted to the believers to form them into the churches suddenly.

The dispensing of Christ is by him as the Spirit of life. The transmitting of Christ is by Him as the Spirit of power. Christ as the element of God’s riches is gradually dispensed by Himself as the Spirit of life for the growth and building up of His Body. Christ as the Spirit of power is striking suddenly to raise up the churches of God. Even the raising up of the churches in the Lord’s recovery was accomplished in this way. The Lord sent me to the United States, and that sending was the striking of the ascended Christ in this country to raise up the churches here. Today in the Lord’s recovery we need this striking again and again. The Lord’s move to Russia was the repetition of such a striking. Such a striking continues today in Poland, Romania, Albania, and many other places.

SOURCE: The Ministry Magazine, Crystallization-study of Ephesians,
Vol. 6 No. 1 January/February 2002 pp.28-29