Golden Triangle Freethinkers Organization

We are freethinkers of the "Golden Triangle", which is the name of a metropolitan area in Southeast Texas that includes the Beaumont, Orange and Port Arthur areas.

A "Freethinker" is one whose mind is not in bondage to religious dogma. The freethinker forms opinions about reality based on logic, reason, empirical evidence and the scientific method, as opposed to superstition, mythology, authority and/or tradition. Any talk of the "supernatural" is invalid to the Freethinker.

Freethinkers include atheists, agnostics, skeptics, rationalists and humanists.

BEWARE: We often have passionate/spirited debates in this group. Being a "freethinker" does not mean you are "free" to "think" whatever you want without being challenged. If you have a belief and express it, be prepared to defend it because it can and WILL be scrutinized and challenged. You have been warned.

Golden Triangle Freethinkers Organization was founded by Jaime Holmes in 2010.

We are affiliated with American Atheists. (

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