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Some group rules:

1- No one is allowed to post any emails or phone numbers in the group except the group admins.
2- If you have any questions,ideas,or information please share it with us,and our responsibility is answer all your questions fast and accurately.
3- Our group is an open group,so anyone one can join and no one is ignored,so please when you join invite as much friends as you can,to help us spread and improve our business.
4- Soon we will need more admins for the group to make sure that it works properly as it should be so if you are interested,send your name and email to the group creator,but to be an admin you must be on our main tree or joined it.

GMI Introduction:

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for any infromation or if you want to join call sherif samy on : 0182149442 or samih ramzy on :0111187539

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