Goloka Sanctuary Communities

Goloka Sanctuary Communities are fully sustainable and self-suff...icient - everything for a comfortable lifestyle is included in the community, including organic hydropondic gardens and an ahimsa dairy. Each community has a MahaVideha University Campus and a MahaVideha School, plus a Sri Vyuha Ashram. The communities for 300 are fully shielded from the electromagnetic radiation of Kaliyug. A number of Geodesic Dome Cottages, each with Satyug Sanctuary Pyramids installed create an environment of Satyug that can be experienced now. There is a University program here that will establish you in full Krishna Realization in about 8 years of full time study and practice, upon the confering of the Doctor of Divinity Degree. Also there is a Gurukul for the children and an Ashram for those who can only come for short periods of time to enjoy the pure sattvic Satyug environment.