Google Penalty Mastermind

This group is here to offer help and support for anybody who has a website. This group is owned by Rick Lomas, a Certified Link Research Tools Xpert. Some members of the group are also Certified Link Research Associates, Professionals and Xperts. There are also quite a few SEO Superstars here!

If you have lost your rankings and traffic because of a Google update we can help. Similarly if you are enjoying good Google rankings, but are worried that you may not be safe from future updates we can help too.

Advice is free, but some services will need to be paid for. If you have particular expertise in certain areas then you are welcome to offer your services, paid or free. Blatant abuse of this will result in removal from the group, so don't just go posting affiliate links to the next shiny object!

This group is a closed group, which I think is the right level for this group. This means that anyone can find the group and see who's in it, but only members can see posts. Members can invite people and add them to the group, so if you feel that is appropriate, please do so.