Grand Theft Auto V

• This community is dedicated to the “Grand Theft Auto” series, action-adventure open world video game series, developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.

Group Guidelines:
• Be civil and respectful. Even if you think someone is wrong, We prefer that you open a dialogue with the person, not attack them.
• Agree to disagree. Some things discussed here are a matter of opinion, and when opinions differ, it’s sometimes best to simply agree to disagree.
• Be constructive when sharing opinions. We want to see all opinions, positive or negative, but be sure you’re posting it in a way that does not result in disrespecting other members.
• Please refrain from begging for money, posting off topics and/or money generators, inquiring about illicit copies and/or posting about console wars.
• Help fellow members who have questions.
• Bashing about this group, GTA or the admin, will result in instaban.
• No porn, nudity or gore: of any kind.
• Have fun! These guidelines are in place to ensure that everyone who wants to discuss about GTA is free to do so in a safe and friendly environment.
• If you have any questions/concerns, please send me a private message. Please do not post about issues/concerns on this wall.

- Thanks for being here, your presence is highly valued.