Grass Residences Homeowners Association

Grass Residences Homeowners Association is an exclusive online community of Grass Residences unit owners.

This group is meant to foster unity and cooperation among its members. Constructive feedback on posts and comments is encouraged. Questions, clarifications, and other inquiries are welcome as long as they are asked in a civil, courteous, and polite manner.

Multiple identical posts and comments are not allowed. These are considered as spam and will be deleted accordingly.

Complaints regarding common areas and individual units should be filed with the appropriate property administration office. It is easier for members to help follow up concerns that have already been reported to the property managers.

Posting of false information, harmful insinuations, malicious or incendiary remarks, and similar improper conduct as deemed by the admin is not allowed. Members who post or comment in such manner will be removed from the group after due warning.

Personal issues between members should be discussed privately and not posted in this group unless it concerns the Grass Residences community. A timeout will be given to members who become involved in heated arguments and those whose actions are complained about by other members. They will be given time to settle things in a private chat outside the group. Members who are given a timeout may opt to return to the group. They will not be banned or blocked unless they do not cooperate in fixing their issues during the timeout period or outside GRHA.