Gratitude Training Public Group

Gratitude Training is a 9-day transformational workshop in two parts. We all share common experiences and aspects in our lives that may stand in the way of waking each day with a sense of possibility and in Gratitude for the opportunities we have every day. The subtle difference between what we “get to do” rather than what we “have to do” can change lives, both our own and those we touch. Each participant will experience the training differently, finding new paths and possibilities that have been neglected or “forgotten.”
• Identify your life’s purpose and manifest it through taking action today. Why are you here?
• Become more effective in your life by mastering the power of choice.
• See how committed action will create your desired results
• Be grateful for everything in your life. No matter what!
• Experience living without fear and anxiety. Dare to Risk.
• Create greater intimacy, connection and openness in every relationship.
• Be the change you want to see in the world and experience social change as your own life transforms.