Golden Retriever Club - Singapore

A place for all Golden Retrievers in Singapore to mingle and interact! Objective is to make our time with our GRs more meaningful by sharing our knowledge!

Few rules in this Club. For the love of the breed and the desire to know and support friends who share the same love.

Dont hesitate - If you dont have a golden but you have been touched by the breed's magical behavior, pls join us.

Show it all - Post photos of your GRs. Show to the world, the angel that has been keeping you company and providing endliess joy.

Help other GRs - Answer questions or clear doubts for fellow members. Rescue or help GRs in distress as a team. As an individual we cant do much but as a team we could work wonders :-)

Hopefully, by providing reliable info on GRs, we could take the stress out of the owners and the animals. It may help to reduce nos of owners giving up GRs.

Few items to note on posting.

1. Products and Services
Please refrain from direct call-to- purchase posting. We are trying our best to keep this group free from commercial centric activities. As it is difficult to ascertain indirect call-to-purchase, admins will highlight concerns and make necessary contact on a case-by-case basis.

For those that have something to sell to our members, please do know that we have a portal called for this purpose. When u sell through MPD, u will not just benefit the members but also contribute towards the efforts of GRCS in its various activities in helping the GRs in Singapore. Please contact Denise Tan for more information on how u can be a part of this.

2. Sales of puppies
As sales of puppies may contribute to related social consequences and the group is unable to protect buyers in the transactions, the group would not be positioned as a platform to promote sales of puppies. However, we do encourage potential owners to adopt GRs that are looking for a good home.

It is a complex topic. There are many consideration at each stage. It is not a decision to be taken lightly. We can't allow public call for mating as we are unable to clearly draw the line between profit driven or love driven decision.The group should not be an aid to popularise breeding as there are related social consequences, when issues are not considered carefully.

4. Do not share photos, videos or links related to animal cruelty. We know they exist but this is not the place to share them.

In short, the group would not wish to be seen as the medium that incubate the above. As these activities, when get out of control, would lead to more abandonment of GRs.

As it is a difficult task to balance constructive discussions and the above concerns, please bear with us. Please provide feedback to make this community a better place for GRs and keepers.

Group was set up on 3rd of April 2008.