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Introducing Greater24 Billboard
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The Greater24 Billboard Facebook group is one of the first groups that is supported by a media network. Share your cool ads, releases, updates and positive events with us today. At Greater24 we understand that advertising outlets are limited and sometimes hard to find. This was the inspiration behind creating this group. Posts are periodically reviewed and assessed for additional promotional support from press release assistance, extended social campaigns, and video ads to TV mentions. Also, receive access to group only offers and contest directly from Greater24 Billboard.

Please review our guidelines and we look forward to getting your updates. If you may have additional questions, feel free to contact Thank you.

[ Group Guidelines ]

1. Members must initially invite 25 people to join within 14 days.
2. Share this group.
3. No inappropriate subject matter or profanity.
4. Limit continuous posting of the same subject matter.
5. Posting approvals are by assigned administers. Don’t harass.
6. Approvals for additional press support vary.
7. Limited posts will be approved for MLM opportunities.
8. Post requests for distribution must have a clear message.
9. Each member must actively invite others to expose others.
10. Posts must be within a positive nature.
11. No derogatory or general social news.
12. Events, project releases and clear advertisements only.

[ More about Greater24 ]

Greater24 is the first positive news, media and information platform fusing professional media, outreach and campaign development to impact communities locally and abroad.

Compelling stories and media campaigns on community projects and local citizens are captured and distributed on Greater24’s press network. This network represents a series of press productions, social networks, publications, campaigns and broadcasts.

We would also like to thank the supporters of Greater24 and our fans for making this possible.

• Jared The Gallery of Jewelry
• Chesapeake Portsmouth-Broadcasting
• City of Elizabeth City
• City of Norfolk
• Binchmark Project Development
• Lesley Wells
• Donald Hart
• Doug Williams
• Cyndi Hubbard Houser
• The Healthy Living Center Foundation
• Carolyn Wilkerson
• Melody Agbisit
• Stacey Kenyon
• Matthew & Kelly Roeder
• Kisha Kelly
• Andrea Betton
• Donald Hart
• Ingrid Jasmin Hare
• Constanza Camacho
• Spartyka Fight League
• The Spartyka Foundation
• Frankie's Place For Ribs Restaurant
• Firehouse Subs
• Susan G. Komen Tidewater
• The Boardroom
• Young Life Capernaum Hampton Roads

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