I travel with Greater Anglia...

This group exists for information and as a moaning post for those who travel on the shambles that's known as Greater Anglia.

Back in the day, it really wasn't bad - be it Network SouthEast or even First Great Eastern/Anglia Railways..

Then in 2004 it went south. Very very quickly. It turned into "one" railway - who we all knew and hated.

Then in 2007 same firm renamed, and promised us a "new era in travel" - which basically meant:

* The same clapped-out trains, with either a stupid stripe, or a dodgy paint job

* Wonderful stickers on everything, reminding us that it's now "National Express"

* Last, but not least, the same "great" service... If you like to stop for no apparent reason, and receive no explanation for the delay, then National Express is for you!

Most people in the group don't really give a stuff if it's Network Rail's fault or not - all we want is a half decent train service that can get us to and from work without cock-ups day in, day out - they managed it before now so why is it so very screwed?

So, this group's here for you to moan, whinge, share your story of woe etc..