Political Platform of GREAT UNITY SOCIALIST REVOLUTIONARY PARTY Great Holiness - Great Unity Society Doctrine: - -
Great Holiness - Great Unity Society Doctrine is the supreme doctrine brought down from Celestial Hierarchy to unify mankind in troubled degradation age.
Bell has come for the awakening of the people, only the perception of the new Great Holiness Era to bring success to humans set foot on Earthly Heaven. Religions, disciplines will converge and bring permanent peace to this planet.
All psychic abilities, religions, disciplines, traditions are just means for spiritual awakening but have caused too many misconceptions, division, grouped that make weaken the unity and solidarity.
That is the lesson for the evolution of cognitive development, to help humanity screening prior to the Source, toward universal light block of God.
- Great Holiness Council

The Party is the powerful arm of Great Holiness Society in transforming Humanity into Great Holiness Era:
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