GRE Center

GRE® is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Service (ETS). This facebook group is not endorsed or approved by ETS. The registered trademark sign is not mentioned in the name of this group to keep it simple.

This group is created for serving as the facebook-room of sharing and exchanging information resources for those who ARE the members of GRE Center, as well as those who are NOT.

Even if you are a student of our competitor, we are pleased to serve you through our online resources. If you are just studying at home and do not seek help from any traditional tutors, then you are perhaps our best audience!

These are few of the attractions of this group:

:: Daily QUIZ @ 11 PM: You can participate the daily quiz of this group and receive cash as prize, worth as much as 10,000 Tk per month. To know about it, visit

:: Bangla VIDEO COURSE on different topics of GRE, GMAT, SAT etc. Video courses are conducted by the faculty of GRE Center, and also by Mamoon Rashid who is the founder of GRE in GED Center (2007), in Princeton Education (2008) and finally in GRE Center (2008). Mamoon is considered as the harbinger of the movement for popularizing GRE and US higher studies in Bangladesh. He is pursuing his PhD in neuroscience in Texas Tech University HSC, USA.

:: Supplementary lecture/video talks on each of the lectures of GRE Center. Our students are expected to attend their class and then perform home task. These lectures/video talks are prepared to aid weak students.

:: Vocabulary discussed in groups and etymology (word roots /stems, prefix/suffixes). You will be able to acquire large number of words by following these discussions.

:: Information about different books available in the market.

:: Updated information regarding our various services.

:: Free workshop on GRE and Higher studies in the USA (See the doc section)

Happy stay!