Green Bay Magic

This group is for those that enjoy the game of Magic the Gathering in the Green Bay area. It is for discussing the game - there are numerous forums for trades etc. so let's keep them off here.

Stores within 30 miles are welcome to post their regular events. Outside 30 miles please ask - special 'major' events (PTQ's or higher) are encouraged to post as follows:

Those stores that are outside the 30 mile radius - your posts are limited to 2 posts per major event, and please no posting of regular weekly events etc. 1 post when you announce the event; one post the week prior to the event. Any more than that is spam. 1st offense = private warning; second offense = deletion and removal from the group, of the poster and the venue for 6 months.

Prereleases are not 'major events'.

Flaming, rude, vulgar or inappropriate posts will be deleted and the poster may be removed from the group at the sole discretion of the moderators without warning.

It is sponsored and maintained by Gnome Games staff.