This Group is for the Greenfield, Massachusetts Area. "This group is a free and easy way to list items you have to sell without the hassle of garage sales and/or to find things you are looking for. Please feel free to post items you have for sale and the general location.

No selling anything illegal here, like prescription drugs.

You may also post any garage/yard sales that you are having. Make sure to include date/time and location of the sale.

Please be reminded that this is public and on the web, so use common sense when posting. Do NOT spam the group- it will be deleted. Any inappropriate, offensive, or just plain rude comments and posts will be removed. Suggest this group to friends. The larger it is, the more likely you are to sell your stuff and find stuff you are looking for. PLEASE no advertising for your business large or small. We would love to allow it but Its not possible or all you would see would be advertisements.

Posts are no longer removed after 2 weeks. Also, if your item is gone or you found what you needed please remmeber to remove it so We know it has been purchases/sold. , comment to your post to let everyone know or just remove the whole post. I'd like to keep the wall as up-to-date and tidy as possible. Also if you should have more then one item that you are posting such as clothing, car parts, etc....Please put them in a picture folder before up loading to this page to help with space usage.

Please, do not be rude! Do not post your opinion! Do not criticize others!

Buyer beware! Be sure what you are buying works and is as described before giving someone your hard-earned cash.
PLEASE PLEASE Dont post your business in the room, If you have a service to offer add it to the Document in the "files" section. Thank you!