Green Juice Lovers

the open group of people with a love of green juicing from all over the world, sharing the experiences of have a fistful of healthy life

Juicing is a great way to get the nutrients your body needs from vegetables if you don’t eat enough as part of your regular diet.

You can make juices in bulk and refrigerate them for the week,

The key to making a green juice that doesn’t taste like weeds is to balance the herbs and greens with a little fruit like green apple, cucumber or pineapple.

(PS; buradaki paylasimlar sirasinda bazi yanlis anlamalara mahal verebilecek durumlara onlem olmasi adina belirtelim: juicing hic bir zaman ciddi rahatsizliklar ve hastaliklar icin doktordan bagimsiz sekilde mucize tedavi seklinde ele alinmamalidir. Seker, damar tikanikligi, kalp, tiroid gibi sorunlari olan kisilerin ozellikle oruc gibi bir surece girmeden butunsel tip bakisi ve derin beslenme bilgisi olan doktora danismalari önerilir. Juicing'in hayatimiza getirecegi cok guzel ve inanilmaz faydali yonleri vardir, ama her konu gibi, onun da bazi prensipleri, kurallari vardir. Konuya tek dokunusta mucize yaratan yaklasim seklinde yanasmadan, gercek anlamda butunsel bakisi olan tip bilimine de danismayi ihmal etmemeniz önerilir.

Announcement: in order to prevent any possible misunderstanding, I would like to make it clear that we never intend to position Juicing as an alternative miracle treatment to ilnesses, independent from the doctors. Those who have any serious conditions on diebeties, any cardiovascular, heart, or thyroid issues need to check with a doctor, who has an integrative medicine and deep nutirition knowledge before indulging with juicing and particularly with fasting. Juicing for sure will bring plenty of good wonderful and useful things to our lives, but, like any topic, it has its own principles and rules. I higly recommend not to treat it like a miracle of its own, but also give space to the integrative medicine.)